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Family Psychological Services Inc. is a comprehensive mental health clinic located in our own private 4000 square foot building. Directed by Dr. Barrus and staffed by full service psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and counselors in the Agoura Hills areas with years of experience in several different schools of Psychology.

Neurofeedback Center


Neurofeedback Process

  • Neurofeedback display is a mirror
  • Brain gains more information about its own activity
  • Allows better self-regulation and better function
  • Not fixing brain waves

Our understanding of neurofeedback has evolved significantly over the past 30 years of clinical experience and instrument development. We all believed initially that we were doing operant conditioning on brain waves. If we rewarded the brain for making better brain waves, we would get better brain waves and better brain function. That model, however, fails to explain the effects we now see, particularly with infra-low frequency training.

We now understand neurofeedback as a process of allowing the brain to see its own activity and self-correct. Increasing awareness of one's internal state allows improved self-regulation and better function. This is somewhat similar to the practice of mindfulness while focusing on the breath. We don't need to reqard the brain for doing it "right". And we don't need to fix the brain waves. We let the brain see what it is doing in the moment, which allows it to let go of dysfunction and function more optimally. Neurofeedback is no treating symptoms or curing disease. It is simply promoting healthy self-regulation and good brain function.