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30423 Canwood Street Suite 138
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

(818) 707-7366

Family Psychological Services Inc. is a comprehensive mental health clinic located in our own private 4000 square foot building. Directed by Dr. Barrus and staffed by full service psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and counselors in the Agoura Hills areas with years of experience in several different schools of Psychology.


Medication Management

As a comprehensive mental health clinic, Family Psychological Services understands the important role medication plays in stabilizing symptoms, restoring health, and normal brain functioning. Medication is often very helpful in managing mental symptoms. Challenges such as ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, or Bipolar Diseases may require one or more medications. In these cases a medical doctor specializing in psychiatry is usually necessary. If you are in need of medication from a psychiatrist we would be happy to help refer you to a psychiatrist and coordinate your care with them.

Diagnostic testing together with psychiatric consultation can help to insure that the barriers from functional impairment which prevent you from working, achieving at school, or maintaining loving relationships.