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Family Psychological Services Inc. is a comprehensive mental health clinic located in our own private 4000 square foot building. Directed by Dr. Barrus and staffed by full service psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and counselors in the Agoura Hills areas with years of experience in several different schools of Psychology.


Educational & Psychological Testing


Family Psychological Services provides several different educational and psychological testing tools to properly diagnose and treat behavioral and learning problems.

We provide an evaluation that is necessary, sufficient and effective. It is very practical and concise with specific information to supplement your treatment planning and provide differential diagnosis and a baseline for evidence-based treatment and measurable results.

The evaluation consists of:

  • Providing individuals and medical professionals with an affordable, efficient evaluation
  • Gathering historical data which identifies clinical markers and triggers of various neuro-cogntive problems
  • Using valid symptom checklists and standardized tests to help differentiate problems:
    • ADHD
    • Depression, anxiety, anger/temper
    • Bipolar Diease and other Mood Disorders
    • Altzheimer’s Disease and other Dementias
    • Misbehavior
    • Learning Disabilities
    • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Differentiating various learning problems from attention problems
  • Differentiating emotional, social, behavioral, mood and anxiety problems, which may co-occur with problems of learning, memory, and attention
  • Providing proven treatment recommendation


Below, are just some of the educational and psychological testing services we provide:

Psychological and Diagnostic Evaluations

An accurate differential diagnosis is the key to successful treatment.

If a person is having trouble socializing or focusing at school, work, or at home it could be due to several different factors, including developmental delays, social challenges, or behavioural problems, we can perform psychological and diagnostic evaluations that focus on key areas of cognitive and behavioural development, including auditory and visual processing, memory, personality, intelligence and social intelligence, motivation, and analytical, planning, reasoning, and organizational abilities.

Mood and Personality Disorders

Mood Disorders are often inherited such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disease. Medication and cognitive behavioral and self-soothing and stress management therapies combine to stabilize and correct these disorders
Many mental concerns involve both mood and personality development problems such as borderline personality, narcissism. Dependent and co-dependent relationships.
Early childhood trauma, poor attachment, poor parenting, abuse, neglect, and early loss of loved ones impact our lives for decades. Therapies that mitigate these early life traumas provide a new foundation for living a fuller life.

AcaDEMIC Problems & School Placement

Studies have shown that not all academic problems are due to learning disabilities like ADHD or dyslexia. In reality, many children struggle with school due to bullying, poor study skills, depression, memory impairments, anxiety, low self-esteem, and lack of motivation. We can help your child resolve their academic problems and strive for excellence. Furthermore, choosing the right school from elementary all the way through college can be a daunting task that can have major repercussions in the future. Family Psychological Services will help you pick the right school for your child based on their unique values, skills, and aptitudes. We will help when accommodations are needed for college or professional school entrance exams - for example the GRE, SAT, LSAT.


We use standardized tests to objectively evaluate and diagnose your child to identify ADHD and ADD. If they are diagnosed with ADHD or ADD we will then treat their condition via family and/or individual counselling, making the appropriate recommendations for changes in their learning environment to promote attention, perform behavioral therapy and make recommendations and referrals for an appropriate medication consultation.

Career Evaluations and Counselling

The career path a person chooses can make or break their life. Unfortunately, many people blindly enter the workforce or choose a career based on family or peer pressure. We will perform extensive aptitude and psychological testing that focus on 5 key factors that determine one’s ideal career field, namely personality, achievements, values, aptitudes, and interests.

Gifted Placements and Intelligence Testing

We also perform thorough IQ testing to determine if your child has any areas of weakness as well as identify their strengths. If your child is in fact gifted we will take steps with you and your child to provide the most nurturing and stimulating environment that will cater to their enhanced skills and allow them to thrive and grow in accordance with their heighted intelligence.

Learning Disabilities

If your child seems to be having trouble in school it may be due to a learning disability. Family Psychological Services can perform extensive diagnostic testing to evaluate if they suffer from a learning disability such as mode of learning, inattention, language, short or long term memory impairments, dyslexia, auditory or visual processing deficiencies, dyspraxia, and aphasia.

Qualifying for an IEP or 504 interventions at school or for the GRE, LSAT, or ACT can make the difference between success and failure at school and achieving one’s maximum potential.